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3 Tips to Simplify Senior Health Appointments

Posted by The Pavilion Senior Living Team on Jun 1, 2019 8:00:00 AM | 3 minute read

Pavilion Senior Living Doctor Appointments for Senior Health

While accompanying your loved one to a doctor’s appointment may not seem like a challenging task, it can be difficult at times. Although it’s not easy to keep up with everything that your loved one requires for their appointments, helping the senior in your life makes a world of difference for them. Because your loved one may struggle with appointments, having a helping hand not only makes it easier on them, but it allows you to make a meaningful difference in their life. The National Institute of Aging agrees with us on this topic, going to the doctor with your loved one can help immensely!

The Pavilion wants to highlight a few essential tips to make your loved one’s next doctor appointment a better, more engaging experience. With some careful planning, patience, and organization, you and your loved one will simplify senior health appointments and reduce the amount of stress in your loved one’s life.


Plan Ahead

A trip to the doctor is nothing without careful preparation. This appointment may be your first trip with your loved one, and if that’s the case, then you may need a little extra time to prepare. Senior health appointments can be a rollercoaster of emotions, and your loved one may not always remember to ask the right questions when the time comes.

Before heading to the appointment, make sure you have the proper documentation needed before getting to your doctor’s and make sure you don’t forget to address any underlying issues or concerns the two of you may have. Proper senior care requires you to ask the right questions and get the answers your loved one needs.


Be Open

The hardest part about going to see a physician is being honest and open. It may be a little difficult, but helping your loved one maintain their senior health requires an honest discussion. A common occurrence at a doctor’s office is when patients provide misleading information about their health, or they leave it crucial information due to the delicate nature of the conversation.

Pavilion Senior Living Doctor Appointments for Senior HealthWhen you go to your doctor with a loved one, you should always practice honesty. Your loved one’s health is crucial, and if you leave out information, you could be preventing their doctor from providing proper care. Remaining truthful can be the first step to helping your loved one maintain their health and may prevent something much more severe in the long run.

Ask Questions

Health can be a very touchy subject for the senior in your life, but this is the place to ask questions and field concerns. For example, if you are worried about medication a loved one is taking, ask about it. A doctor’s job is to help, so don’t feel like you can’t ask questions on your loved one's behalf and get more information about the prescriptions they’re taking.

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If you feel like something isn’t right, or that medication isn’t the proper fit, ask for alternative options. While the doctor may know more than you do about senior health, it doesn’t mean they always know what’s best for your loved one if they don’t speak up and voice their opinion to the doctor.

If you’ve gone to the doctor and decided that your loved one requires more assistance than you can currently provide, The Pavilion may be able to provide needed support. Senior care is our specialty, and we take pride in what we have to offer our residents. Learn more about our communities by visiting our website, or you can contact one of our experts!

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