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Employee Spotlight - Debra Alfred

Posted by The Pavilion Senior Living Team on Feb 1, 2018 7:30:00 AM | 2 minute read

Employee Spotlight Debra Alfred

We would like to highlight Debra Alfred for our first Employee Spotlight. Debra is the Business Office Manager at Crestview Manor Rehabilitation and Long-Term Care in Jane Lew, West Virginia. She is being recognized for all the excellent work she has done for the residents and managing the office!

Debra Alfred was born in the beautiful state of North Carolina. When she was just three days old, her family moved to West Virginia, and she has resided there ever since. Debra attended Lewis County High School in Weston and took several vocational training classes for accounting and other related skills in Clarksburg, West Virginia. After gaining a firm grasp of business management, she immediately started working with The Pavilion Crestview Manor. Debra married her husband Michael and then had their two daughters. Her oldest daughter, Courtney, lives in South Carolina and her youngest daughter Tyressa, 34, is Autistic and lives at home with Debra and their grumpy black cat, Leo.

Debra enjoys spending her summer months with her husband, Michael, on their pontoon boat and going kayaking at the Stonewall Resort in Roanoke, West Virginia in Lewis County. Kayaking is her favorite way to reduce stress and relax. Usually, on their kayaking adventures Debra will row much further than him. One time she went so far ahead of Michael that he fell too far behind and could not keep up! After an hour went by and she noticed he was no longer behind her, she made her way back to the pontoon boat to see Michael just sitting on the edge of it. She was glad to see her husband safe, but a little confused where he had been the whole time. Michael explained he tried to keep up, but he accidentally flipped his kayak and he needed her help to get it back out of the water. Amused Debra helped Michael with his kayak and their adventures have proved to stay entertaining. 

Debra also enjoys visiting her daughter Courtney in South Carolina and seeing her grandson, JD Moore. JD will be ten years old in March and can always make Debra smile. At her last visit, they all went to see Imagine Dragons, an American Rock band. Debra also partakes in Zumba regularly and walks 3 to 4 miles every single evening. Debra stays active in her personal life while keeping things running in her work life, as well. 

Debra loves her role at Crestview Manor, where she has worked since 1980. To her, the residents and employees are all a big family. She feels as though the entire office all play a role as team players. Two years ago, when there was an awful snowstorm, employee travel and resident safety started to become a severe issue. Most of the staff volunteered to stay with the residents during the intense winter storm. Things like this make her appreciate her team. Her favorite thing that her role has granted her at work is getting to know and help the residents, even with small things like Medicaid applications! Working with Crestview Manor, that provides skilled nursing care and rehabilitation services to seniors, has made Debra feel like a more structured and caring person. To learn more about Crestview Manor and what we provide to West Virginia seniors, click here.


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