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Mindful Activities when Transitioning a Parent to Memory Care

Posted by The Pavilion Senior Living Team on Apr 15, 2018 8:00:00 AM | 2 minute read

transitioning parent to memory careIf you are transitioning a parent to a memory care community, we understand it can be difficult time. Here at The Pavilion, we feel compassionately about helping ease the transition with our memory care services. We also want to help educate you that there are activities that can be fun and beneficial for your loved one. These activities consist of, but are not limited to arts & crafts, games, and home-related tasks. Let’s take a look at what these activities can do for you and your parent.

Arts & Crafts

There are various crafty activates you and your loved one can embark on together. The most impactful are memory boxes or scrapbooks. With box items you collect small meaningful memorabilia, photos of family and friends, notes, lists, and any other special trinkets that can fit into a scrapbook or memory box. Other art projects can include painting, sketching, sculpting, drawing, coloring, and photography. There are also a variety of crafts that are simple and fun; just be sure it is an activity they enjoyed when they were younger. These crafts could include knitting or whittling. Follow this link to learn more on the 8 types of art therapy. Just be patient, mindful and keep designs simple, and remember your loved one does not need to finish the project. The whole idea is to let them be happily engaged during the activity. 

Play A Game

If your parent is transitioning to memory care it can sometimes be disheartening, so we suggest try staying positive and play a game. Certain games can have a positive impact when dealing with memory impairments. The most beneficial type of game to do with your loved one are puzzles. To add some extra fun to your afternoon, you can collaborate on a crossword or print out two copies of a word search. These types of activities give your love one a task to focus on with an immediate reward. Other games that can keep them mindfully attentive are card games, board games, checkers, chess, and other similar activities. 

Home-Related Tasks

Doing chores around the house may not be exciting for everyone, but some individuals thoroughly enjoy doing house-related tasks. The other benefit of doing these activities with your loved one is that the chores get done and the house becomes cleaner. Whether the activities are in your home or your loved one’s apartment, this time together will be rewarding regardless. Together you can organize household items, fold laundry, vacuum the carpets, sweep the floors, wipe down surfaces, or even tend to a garden. These types of activities truly help your loved one feel a sense of accomplishment, which will fill them with gratitude and happiness. 

transitioning a parent to memory care

Dealing with a loved one with memory impairment issues does not always have to be negative, try and stay focused on the positives and your loved one will feel the optimism ebbing from your care. Use these activities with transitioning a parent to memory care and reap the benefits for your loved one. The Pavilion does not want you or your loved one to ever feel alone when it comes to memory care. If you have any questions regarding memory care or other senior living related topics, please contact one of our experts.

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