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Words of Wisdom for Parents at The Pavilion

Posted by The Pavilion Senior Living Team on Dec 1, 2018 8:00:00 AM | 3 minute read

The Pavilion Senior Living

Our parents are our first teachers. They teach us how to tie our shoes and ride a bike, and eventually provide us with all the skills we need to live on our own as adults. They led by example and hopefully showed us how to be kind, well-rounded individuals.

Sometimes, our parents offered sincere words, supported by years of experience. Other times, it was blunt advice with no sugar coating that became our words to live by. Here are 23 pearls of wisdom from parents in The Pavilion Senior Living community.

  1. The more time you spend creating relationships with your family and friends, the more enjoyable life will become.

  2. It’s ok to let an opportunity go if it does not make you happy.

  3. Stand up for what is right, always. You won’t regret it.

  4. Live a life full of gratitude. You will be happier that way.

  5. Go for it! Want to learn a new language? Do it. Want to move across the country? Just go. Experience everything life, at this moment, has to offer.

  6. Surround yourself with people who make you the best version of yourself. Be picky when it comes to your close circle of friends. Quality is always more important than quantity.

  7. If you feel strongly about something, do something about it.

  8. Take a sweater wherever you go. Regardless of the season or setting, you’ll be glad you brought it.

  9. Invest in making memories. Create unforgettable memories with your family and create them often.

  10. Be your own cheerleader.

  11. Laugh often and laugh hard. It’s the best medicine.

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  12. The key to staying young is to keep moving. Go on a walk around the block or join a yoga studio, it will benefit you in the long run.
  13. Find your passion and live it.

  14. Most things, in time, will figure themselves out.

  15. Be honest. When you are honest with people, they will respond with honesty, too.

  16. Take time to listen to others. If you sit back and just listen, you will learn a lot more than trying to tell others all about what you know.

  17. Drink lots of water. It’s good for you. Water flushes out toxins, boosts your immune system, and promotes healthy weight management.

  18. As the old saying goes: a stitch in time saves nine. The weeds growing in the garden now will turn into a huge mess! Get them out now. Need an oil change? Do it now before you find yourself in a sticky situation.

  19. Make sure your family knows that you value them. Let them know you love them. Say it out loud and mean it.

  20. Work hard now, and you will be rewarded later.

  21. It is just a bad day, not a bad life. Take each moment as it comes.

  22. Relationships are not 50:50. They are 100:100. Remember that when you wake up and when you go to bed, every day.

  23. You can learn something from everyone you meet.

The pieces of advice from parents here at The Pavilion Senior Living are truly words to live by! At The Pavilion, we are committed to being the most trusted provider of senior care services in our communities.

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