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Traveling Tips for Seniors

Posted by The Pavilion Senior Living Team on Oct 1, 2018 8:00:00 AM | 2 minute read

assisted living facilitiesLooking to get away this season, but worried traveling may be a challenge, especially because of your age? Even for those residing in an assisted living facility, travel can still be and should be an option for you. Traveling can be an enjoyable, rewarding experience that can be made even better with friends or family. Here are a few ways to make travel more accessible, especially if you or a friend are of senior age.


1. Ensure You Have Vaccinations 

Before traveling, it is essential to clear any plans with your friend or loved one’s primary care doctor. It is important to discuss any necessary vaccinations that you or a loved one may need. It is also a good idea to check the news in the area you will be traveling to check for any additional medical needs.

2. Pack Your Medications

It is important to pack enough medication for the entire length of your trip. You never know if the location you are traveling to will have your brand medication, have it in stock, or accept your insurance. It is also a good idea to pack extra medication in a separate location, in the event that luggage is lost. If your friend or loved one lives in an assisted living facility, you will most likely receive help packing medications by a member of the staff.

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3. Airport Ease

If you and your friend or loved one are traveling by plane, you may be able to save some time at the airport. Senior citizens face less intense security measures, so be sure to research any of the TSA screening benefits you may be eligible for. Seniors also receive benefits when they first enter the airport, as they can request assistance and guidance from check-in to gate. 

4. Follow Safety Measures

Whether your travel group is going by plane or by car, there are always safety measures to minimize personal injury. If you are flying, be sure to listen to the flight attendant go over all the emergency situation procedures and keep your seatbelt buckles while seated. If driving, it is essential always to wear your seatbelt to avoid driving at night in a foreign area if possible. If your travel is for more than a few hours, pack a neck pillow to prevent strain on your neck while sleeping. There are also out-of-the-country medical insurances that may need to be purchased before leaving the United States. Not all healthcare plans cover overseas illnesses, so be sure to check with your insurance company.

5. Seek Discounts

Many tourist destinations offer senior living discounts. If able to provide identification, there may be discounts to save on travel or hotel accommodations. If you are seeking a discount, be sure to book with the transportation company directly, third parties usually do not accept outside discounts.  

The Pavilion is not an assisted living facility. We are a senior living community. We want all seniors to take advantage of retirement and have new experiences. Be sure to contact us if you have further questions or know of anyone that would benefit from our community today.

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